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My Time Doc

Always at Your Service

My Time Doc is the leader in Telemedicine Services. We providing the link that connects patients to doctors within minutes.  Fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you join us.

U.S Based Board Certified Doctors

All Physicians reside in the U.S. and are U.S Board-certified Medical Doctors.

Pay $0 per appointment

What makes us different is that we do not require additional payments for appointments. Your monthly cost takes care of all appointments. 

No Insurance Needed

No insurance plan, no problem, this service can be in addition to your current plan or it can stand alone.

Low Monthly Fee

Includes Unlimited Visits starting at $19 per month

Perscriptions sent to your Pharmacy

On the road?  No problem, we will send your prescriptions to the pharmacy closest to you.

Say "Habla Espanol"

We have doctors Fluent in Spanish to help.

What's Included

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Everyday Urgent Care

24/7/365  Care when you need it most. Speak with a doctor with minutes. Did you know over 80% of urgent care visits can happen at home or work?

 $0 Copay

Stressed Man

Telephonic Counseling

Everyone needs someone to talk to. Professionals available 24/7/365. Learn more to see the common conversations people call about.
$0 Copay

Laptop Typing on Bed

Message a Specialist

We all have had the question..."Is this normal.." or "What should I do" Why not get the answers you need in minutes, instead of making a specialist appointment.
$0 Copay

Benefits for Everyone

Local Bakery

Small Businesses

Groups 3+

Starting a business takes time and money, provide a service to your employees that won't break the bank. Group prices available Connect to get your rate.

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I don't like being sick, so I can ask a doctor a question anytime I need, saves me sooo much time

Jean PL

I started my Small Business in 2020 and this product has allowed me to offer benefits that I can afford, Thanks MTD

Emmanuel A

I'm self-employed and I don't qualify for Obama Care, and Private insurance is too expensive this has been a life saver for me and my family.

Musa J

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 Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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